Kyle Johnson
This is a drawing of what I might look like, Thanks for dropping by friend!
About Me:

New pic coming soon for now I kind of look like this more or less. I need a
haircut really bad and am waiting to hear back from a photographer friend.
 I am a Los Angeles based Designer. When I'm not making client revisions, conducting user testing, or working on this website I try to skateboard and make beats. One day I will buy a ranch or some land in Santa Cruz, where I will learn to surf, rehome Highland Cows and Pitbulls, take up beekeeping and grow various squash, berries, melons and swiss chard. Until then I will be seated in front of a refurbished iMac, listening to the same three Grouper songs or working in complete silence while thinking about establishing shots from the movie Bladerunner. I use empathy and best UX/UI practices in an attempt to create a considerate user experience or something like that. 
"The music video for '1979' by The Smashing Pumpkins."
I grew up in the suburbs of Sun Valley and Santa Clarita.  Santa Clarita is usually a place that people haven't heard about until you bring up the amusement park, Magic Mountain or the art school, CalArts. Another fun little fact about Santa Clarita is that the music video for "1979" by The Smashing Pumpkins was shot there. My adolescent life was exactly like that, and I associate this time with drifting away from sports and math and picking up x-acto knives, cameras and synthesizers. By way of frequenting DIY venues, seeing all the cool graffiti and streetwear in the city, and taking after school classes at CalArts in high school for music production and photography I found graphic design.

Eventually, I found myself enrolled in CSUN afraid to pick a major, feeding squirrels oranges and taking mostly chicanx studies and sociology classes. I followed a gut feeling to commit to their Graphic Design program after doing some soul searching as well as spending most of my freetime hovering around the faculty's gallery and various design exhibits. At CSUN I learned visual design fundamentals, how to present, collaborate and manage time. After CSUN I was fortunate enough to freelance making posters for dance parties, make social media campaigns and apparel for a supplement company targeting the Crossfit community and eventually a brief stint at Primitive Skateboards designing various printed deliverables, decks for stakeholder meetings and various production design assets.

Design is a service
My love and conceptualization of what design means to me has fluctuated and grown over the years. In my young adulthood I fell victim to emulating whatever trend was on Instagram or Pinterest and found myself lacking an identity. I tended to have a tortured artist complex and could not take any feedback and quickly learned that this attitude wouldn't cut it. I began to fall in love with and immerse myself in the process when I began working in the field.  Learning to execute on tight deadlines as well as designing around the needs of clients became my motivation and my ego subsided. 

My love for people, the process and the concept of service became a motivator to pivot towards Product Design. Designing around accessibility, user needs and empathy offers me a feeling of fulfillment and has allowed me to utilize my skill set to create products that feel helpful and considerate, free of the potential pitfalls, ego trips and dead ends of aimless creativity. My design process is flexible, informed by iteration and empathy, shaped by the needs of users or the client as a whole.

Outside of design, I am honestly doing some soul searching. I currently see myself as an introvert that loves people but am kind of shy and awkward, but will also not stop talking about literally anything once I feel comfortable. I also daydream a little bit too much.  In another timeline I am a heavily tattooed, vulgar, anti-hero chef, but in this timeline, I am a quiet, geeky designer where I just kind of do what I'm told, and occasionally sneak off to noodle around on my synths and drum machines, frolic with my dog and do the same five skateboard tricks at the same three spots.
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