Hi, I'm Kyle Johnson!

I am an experienced, empathetic designer who loves to learn, collaborate and make cool things.

Mockup March
In March of 2022 I participated in a sprint challenge with a community of designers from around the world. Each week we were assigned a different mockup and each day we were tasked with ideating and posting a concept.
Event Flyers
A collection of flyers I've designed over several years. These compositions are shaped from rounds of rapid comping, iteration and client feedback.
"Yuzu" Packaging and Branding
A package design as well as preliminary branding, for a fictional seltzer company, targeting a hip, younger feminine audience(YUZU). I additionally adapted a process which included a more collage-based moodboard after initial ideation.
The Body Shop Mock Rebrand
A tentative rebrand of The Body Shop inspired by the brand's beginnings in Berkeley. Referencing mid-century design tropes and striving to find a balance between classic and modern.
LIFEAID | Apparel Design
I enjoyed working on apparel the most over the course of my time at LIFEAID. The majority of the products on this page were made with instruction from Slack messages or phone calls with the head of apparel, Edlina Melehan. I got to have a lot of creative freedom and made pieces with the intention of pivoting away from activewear to more of a lifestyle brand. The "Beast" shirt was made as part of a leadgen giveaway, with a target audience of the crossfit community.
LIFEAID | WODapalooza 2019 Social
A selection of images I masked and retouched in accordance with style guidelines, promoting the Crossfit event, Wodapalooza; for the client, LIFEAID Beverage Company. Creative Direction from Erik Gundersen and Gabe Wilson.
LIFEAID | F/W 2018 Apparel Lookbook
A lookbook I created on a tight timeline promoting the 2018 LIFEAID fall/winter collection. Project Manager: Stephanie Poon Creative Direction: Gabe Wilson and Edlina Melehan. Photography: Ray Zimmerman.
A selection of looping animations I've made primarily for fun/study. The only exception is the flower power GIF which is rejected freelance work for a lifestyle/cannabis brand.
LIFEAID | Motion Graphics
Promotional content, looping animations and motion graphics primarily for LIFEAID instagram posts as well as an animatic for a banner ad. Creative Director: Gabe WIlson Project Manager: Stephanie Poon
Between Time Place & Purpose
A booklet set in Univers, intended to aid a commemorative LACMA exhibit of the architect IM Pei. The end result followed rounds of sketching as well as a moodboard for reference. I have since moved away from using moodboard.
Curb Your Enthusiasm Packaging
An homage to Milton Glaser's Bob Dylan poster, but with Larry David's silhouette, as well as a limited edition packaging expanding upon the theme. Made with the Intention as a screener, or best of compilation to introduce a new viewer to the series.
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